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The Blog of Blessing

December 27, 2012

My wife recently read The Book of Awesome. The book is filled with short, sometimes witty, occasionally funny, descriptions of random things, or events, that the writer finds awesome. These are the small, everyday occurrences that we have a terrible tendency to overlook or ignore. Basically, the book is an Ode to the Ordinary which is, I guess, what makes it Extraordinary.

Over a hundred years ago G.K. Chesterton wrote a similar piece in his book entitled Tremendous Triffles. A more profound bit of writing in my opinion.

Anyways, I’ve heard it said that writing blogs is for those without book deals and since there is no book deal in the foreseeable future I will offer up this as a forerunner to my book entitled The Book of Blessing. This, however, is called The Blog of Blessing.


Today I was reading my Bible. My son sat on my chest picked up my Bible, prayed, said ‘amen’ and then started flipping through the pages of the scripture. On each page he said, ‘Jesus’. He is young but his theology is really shaping up.


Today my wife made me a Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich. Need I write more.


When I opened up my laptop at work today The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers was up and running. The film was near the end when the huge battle is about to commence. I was strongly tempted to watch it at work. I resisted the temptation and my conscience is clear.

Instead, I am going to research Galatians chapter 4. So hard. Seriously. But still…


My new calender for the year is filled with pictures of castles. I love castles. Not the feudal system that supported them, or the poverty that surrounded them, but let me for one second have my romantic, naive, wistful enjoyment of these remarkable structures.

If you walk into my office in the New Year and it looks like I am day dreaming, I may be praying. There is, however, a high probability (let us say 0.8 for those familiar with Bayes Theorem) that I will be imagining what it would be like to live in a Castle with all of my kin.


Have you seen that commercial where the woman can’t sleep and they do a voice over of the thoughts running through her head. ‘Why is the word Abbreviation so long’?, ‘What if the Hoki Pokki is what it’s all about’? etc.

Hilarious. Laughter is a..


Clean, white undershirts.


A couple (that shall remain nameless) got us a gag gift. The Justin Bieber board game. I played my wife yesterday. And I won.


I thought of an idea for a blog series called Hot Tomalies: Topics to Touchy for Timid Teachers to Tackle.

If you are reading this post and you have a topic you want me to write a blog on comment on this Blog of Blessing with your suggestion.

You will be Blessed. Maybe. This offer is especially for those of you who are slightly annoyed that you spent the last five minutes reading the above.

Wife. Son. Family. Friends. Great Co-workers. Amazing Church. Random use of Capitalization through out this Blog. Good Health. Warm home. Coffee. An Empty Office. A Short Blog.


Count yours.


One Bad Friday

December 16, 2012

Hi everyone,

Normally, when a tragic event occurs like what took place on Friday I would post a reflection on the pastor’s blog. I’ve chosen not to this time.

Instead, I have written a short response that can be found at The post is called Radical Evil, Radical Hope. There is another post on the same site as well that offers some thoughts about the shootings on Friday.

I hope both posts help you reflect and evaluate this tragedy in a biblical fashion as well as providing you with a framework for dealing with many of the evils and horrors we find in our world.

God Bless you,



Four Or Five Reasons Why I Love My Son

December 7, 2012

I love being a father. My son is the best. I’ve been thinking a lot about the many things Kaeden does to endear himself to me. I thought I would share a few with you and in doing so take a break from the weightier posts that have been published recently.

He Needs Me

My son loves to hold my hand. Every time we go up and down the stairs he wants to hold my hand. He doesn’t need my help but he still asks for it because he wants to be close to me. I am really thankful for these times. It won’t be too long before he will be embarrassed just to be seen with me in public, let alone holding my hand.

He Has Created His Own Language

He can’t pronounce a lot of words correctly. For example, right now he loves Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. He pronounces Rudolph, ‘bubopp’. We got a Reindeer ornament for our tree and he has been walking up to the tree, pointing at the Reindeer and saying, ‘bubopp, bubopp’. I’ve gotten pretty good at translating his version of english, while strangers look on in

He May Be Able to See Through Walls

I’m not sure about this one. When I am at home my wife doesn’t like it when I look at my smart phone. So I check my twitter and email in the bathroom. This was a secret. Yesterday I went into the bathroom by the kitchen. My wife asked my son, ‘what’s daddy doing in the bathroom’? He responded, ’email’.

How did he know that?

He is My Son

Yup, he is my son and I love him. That is enough. He didn’t have to earn it, or achieve it. He just had to be born into the family and that is something that happened to him.

Hey Christian, God loves you. You’re part of the family. He’s adopted you. It happened to you too, receive it.

He Imitates Us In Odd Ways

My wife and I have been sick the past couple of weeks. As a result of our illness we have been blowing our noses a lot and placing dirty Kleenexes in the toilet, or the garbage. Recently, Kaeden has been going into our room alone. Upon entrance into the master bedroom it gets mysteriously quiet – not a great sign. After a few moments he will find us exclaiming excitedly, ‘potty, potty, potty’. When we walk into the bathroom we find a mountain of clean Kleenexes that have been tossed into the toilet to the point of spilling over the toilet seat.

I guess he is just trying to be like his mom and dad.

The Mirror Effect

Kids are like a mirror. That’s probably why so much of what they do annoys their parents.

I’m reminded by my son again and again that how I live my life matters. He is watching me. He is imitating me. He is being trained by me. I guess the question has never been will I disciple my child. I am whether I intend to or not. The only question is what type of disciple am I raising?

He will take a lot of cues from his parents. Yikes.

God help us.

And God will.